Star5 Intelligence: Consumer feedback tells you everything about your brand

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Our convictions

Consumer is the boss, online share of voice comes from consumers

Consumer feedback is a goldmine of data & insights

You need consumer insights to keep your premium positioning

Consumers are your best evangelists (and detractors)

Put customer voice at the heart of everything you do and act at all levels of your organization thanks to Star5 Intelligence, a strategic management tool.

Star5 Intelligence Consumer Perception Score
The "Consumer Perception Score"

A unique KPI to engage your company:

  • Identify where to play

  • Engage your ecosystem

  • Identify low signals

  • Celebrate your successes with your teams

The new generation of consumer perception to obtain business outcomes

Customer focus

Drive your whole organization through consumers final perception.

Data & insights

Own best in class consumer insights to be category leader.

Quick win

Engage real time pragmatic actions to better interact with your consumers.

eRetailer power

Engage well balanced relationship with your eRetailer.

Star5 Intelligence meets your needs to transform consumer feedback into goldmine


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