The client’s voice to boost


A ready-to-use SaaS platform based on artificial intelligence

3 modules for e-Commerce / e-Retail teams

Business Opportunities

Ability to take immediate action, assistance in decision making

Perfect eStore

The client’s view. Evaluate e-Retailers (and benchmark them) through what the client sees

Client Experience

The way of the client.Understanding the client through what he expresses

Powerful insights that turn into immediate operational actions

Our key strenghts


Collect data from all online touchpoints


Stay focused & engage pragmatic actions


Emulate through competitor analysis and retailers gap


Receive alerts immediately thanks to a live solution

Category specific

Drive actions thanks to a relevant KPI adapted to each category

How does it work?

An AI Saas platform, fast & easy to deploy

Data collection

Fast and secure crawlers with proxies, anti-captchas and residential IP

Data labeling

Contextual to category

Perfect Store

  • Availability
  • Visibility
  • Attractivity
  • Service
  • Perception / Recommendation
  • Price & Promo
  • Partnership

Client Experience

  • Volume & Freshness
  • Product
  • Services
  • Behind Product
  • Economical Value
  • Satisfaction

Business Opportunities

  • Identify elements of attention
  • Top 3 priority actions
  • Report on measures
  • Monitoring the implementation of opportunities