Our vision

The biggest revolution is coming

If you already thought that the Internet was a major revolution in our civilizations, you can be convinced that artificial intelligence (AI) will be even more upsetting.

Exceed the conceptual limits of the human being to generate progress of which we would not really understand all the mechanisms.

A mindset shift

At a time when the client is the boss and online share of voice comes from clients, multinational companies need client insights to keep their premium positioning. This revolution is only in its early stages.

The client voice has more weight than ever before

Clients are increasingly speaking out today and are the best evangelists (and detractors) of your brand and products. Their feedback represents a real gold mine throughout the customer journey.

Addressing these major revolutions is essential today. We are convinced that it is only by having the right governance tools that multinational companies will achieve the expected success. That is why we have created Star5 Intelligence, a strategic tool based on artificial intelligence to track and measure the client perception of a brand and its products and drive actions accordingly.

Our convictions

Time to Market

Digital transformation was already too fast for lot of companies. AI revolution will go much faster for a mindset change more important. The traditional actors should engage quickly AI initiatives if they want to survive!

Star5 Intelligence
Star5 Intelligence
Our convictions

Learning by doing

The only way to perform with AI, is to PLAY AI. Choose one topic and DO IT. There is NO one best topic to address. Be part of the game!

Our convictions

A dynamic ecosystem

A huge number of solutions to answer to several needs! Using only 1 AI platform is the best way to miss a powerful framework that brings you the best solution for a minimum effort.

Star5 Intelligence

Passionate founders

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